City Hawker Food Guide titled “The Hawker Guide to our 50 Local Favourites” is a compilation of 50 local hawker fares specially published to commemorate our nation’s jubilee. Written in English and Chinese, the handy food guide aims to monumentalise and celebrate Singapore’s rich hawker heritage which reflects our multi-ethnic history and culture.
The SG50 food guide have been fully redeemed. Download an e-copy here!

Download Part 1

  • Introduction, foreword and messages
  • Healthy eating in a hawker centre
  • List of hawker centres in Singapore
  • Soups, Rice & Noodles

(33.1 MB)

Download Part 2

  • Snacks
  • Desserts & Drinks
  • Specialities
  • Recipes

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Download Part 3

  • Award-winning hawker centres
  • Heritage hawker stalls
  • 101 Reasons why I love hawker food
  • Special thanks

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