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City Hawker Food Hunt
A Thriving Annual Event Celebrating Singapore's Best Hawker Stalls

Singapore’s longest-running hawker food contest, City Hawker Food Hunt is jointly organised by City Energy and Shin Min Daily News and supported by the National Environment Agency (NEA). It is so far the most prestigious award conferred on hawkers from an island-wide selection. Over the years, it has highlighted Singapore’s all-time favourite hawker foods as well as “My Favourite Hawker Centre”, “Most ‘Healthier Choice’ Hawker Centre” and the “Most Authentic Hawker Stall”.

Established in 2008, City Hawker Food Hunt is an exciting 5-month-long quest dedicated to discovering the best hawker food categories and stalls in Singapore. Over the years, we have been diligently searching for outstanding hawker food across various categories, aiming to showcase the vibrant flavours and culinary excellence found in every corner of Singapore’s hawker centres.

Today, City Hawker Food Hunt continues to captivate both hawkers and the public alike. Join us on this thrilling gastronomic adventure as we celebrate and embrace the thriving hawker scene that represents our nation.

“I Love Hawker Food” Campaign & The launch of City Hawker Food Guide: A Celebration of Local Hawker Culture

In 2011, the “I Love Hawker Food” campaign was launched, urging both locals and foreigners to embrace and appreciate the rich heritage of hawker food and culture. To celebrate SG50, the committee released the City Hawker Food Guide, a convenient compilation of the winning hawker stalls serving 16 beloved hawker dishes. This guidebook became a go-to resource for food enthusiasts seeking the best of Singapore’s hawker cuisine.

Join us in this extraordinary celebration, as we honour the rich heritage of Singapore’s hawker culture.

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